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Project Little Warriors



Bringing Mindfulness & Self-Love to the Younger Generation by way of Yoga and Fitness.


Project Little Warriors seeks to permeate the school system providing an active yoga practice as well as tools and concepts of mindfulness and self-love to sprinkle into their day-to-day life, eventually becoming a part of they are. Additionally, offering after school, weekend, and summer programs to keep Warriors engaged and active in their practice. Project Little Warriors strives to be that support system for each student as they grow through this next phase in their life!

What are some challenges you've come across as a black business owner and how did you overcome them?

My challenges have been mostly the lack of financial resources. I have used my vast network that I have built to help support me in various ways and offer mentorship. I see the disparity between the wealthy communities and the inner-city areas and truly seek to get the community to support our mission as we bridge the gap.

What are some of your business's greatest accomplishments?

Graduating teachers from our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program with the ability to bring mindfulness and yoga to the classrooms daily. We have successfully held over 250 yoga classes in the school system in Camden. Connecting with the youth in a mindful way and equipping them with tools to overcome ANYTHING when applied.

Tell us more about your business/organization.

We thrive off of donations and the successful execution of our special events and program offerings!

Project Little Warriors is hosting our 2nd Annual Gala on Friday, October 15th 2021 at the Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield as our biggest fundraiser of the year and this is a great opportunity to come out for an amazing evening while supporting a life changing cause! It's a black tie event so let's get fancy!



James Gaddy, founder of Project Little Warriors uses his southern hospitality to impact those around him. Raised by a single mom and loved by 4 siblings, he brings the paternal role model and mentor to every warrior we serve. The lack of this paternal presence in his life, has given James the drive and passion to fulfill this position in all warriors who additionally do not have that presence. James uses his love and positivity to provide leadership and learning to mold the minds of the younger generation assisting in their growth and development into their most authentic, true self. James has been in positions of serving and leadership his whole life. A prominent role in the restaurant industry for many years, then transitioning into the sales industry for a short term after. Finally, James began to dive deep into his true mission and purpose in life when he discovered the yoga and fitness world. This monumental find gave James the tools to find fulfillment and ultimate gratification in his career and most importantly, life. He shortly stepped into a role of a group fitness instructor, followed by becoming a certified yoga teacher. James knew that he wanted more, he wanted to share his learning, findings, and knowledge with a larger community, one bigger than himself. He started Project Little Warriors in 2018, where his vison and goal were to bring yoga and mindfulness into the school systems, primarily in inner city areas, and he did just that!

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