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Ambassador Committee

CCSNJ's Ambassador Committee plays an important role in attracting and retaining Chamber members. Ambassadors supplement the Chamber staff's efforts in outreach to new members, to ensure that all members feel welcomed at Chamber events, and to educate members on how to maximize their memberships.


Ambassador Tip

A benefit of CCSNJ is accessing the resources and training opportunities offered by the Chamber. There are many opportunities to learn and grow professionally to enhance your business.



Keisha Stephenson Taylor, Ed.D.

Senior Director, Alumni &

Postsecondary Engagement


P: (609) 744-0104

Suzanne Aumack Updated
Suzanne Aumack Updated

Suzanne Aumack


AUMOST Creative Group

P: 609-870-6821


Ambassador Tip

To really build a rapport with a business contact you must be passionate, be yourself, be consistent, and most of all be present.  Be active in both in-person and on social media platforms with including posting, commenting, and sharing.  Growth a business partner may flourish when you least expect it!

Colleen Ayala

Business Development Consultant

SERVPRO of Blackwood / Gloucester


P: (609) 784-6431


Ambassador Tip

Great networking is relationship building. It requires care, connection, and consistency. Each interaction is an opportunity to connect with and be of service to others and to build your personal and professional brand. Ask questions, be genuine, be willing to be human, and remember that each one of us was the new person in the room (virtual or otherwise) at one time!

Hala S. Barson

Co-Founder & CEO,

VoIP Doctors

P: (215) 258-4670

Ambassador Tip

Establish a friendly rapport with people you meet at networking events. A good relationship builds trust which is an important factor in business.


Leslie Blau-Berlin

Owner/Creative Director

Digital Creek


P: (856) 979-7753


Ambassador Tip

You get out of networking and being a chamber member what you put into it.  If you show up to events, meet people, and build genuine relationships with others you will see the magic happen. It takes time, but be patient, be persistent and be positive. Have fun out there!

Chantelle Fitzgerald


Mindset Strategies, LLC


Facebook Photo

Ambassador Tip

“If there's one thing I learned in my line of work, it's that people need people. Building community through my participation with the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce has not only benefited my career, but introduced me to many genuine humans who want to give back to their communities through volunteerism. I am grateful for the connections I've made and look forward to all the connections I'll make in the future."

Colleen Gill

Walk Manager, Southern New Jersey

Alzheimer's Association, Delaware Valley.

P: 215.399.9155


Jeff Harris


Gazelle Partner Solutions.

P: (215) 837-3436


Ambassador Tip

I have been a member of this Chamber for 25 years. It is the single most important resource I have for developing new clients in my business. The way it can become that for your business is by taking the time to develop connections here. Go to as many events as you can. I typically attend at least 1 per week. Don’t try to pick what you think will be a good event. They are all potentially events where you might meet your next best client.

Rick Horner, CLU, ChFC, RICP

Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual - South Jersey

P: (609) 332-3952


Ambassador Tip

Jack Hughes


Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

P: (315) 525-5817


Ambassador Tip

If you have the attitude “Service to others without expectations”, you will have a long and successful career. Be the partner that is always connecting and making the introductions. Networking is all about creating relationships and how to be a resource. Not everyone will be the right fit for what you do, but if you bring value to the table, they will find someone to introduce you to. As an Ambassador of CCSNJ, I hope to make the introductions to help grow your successful network. ABC= Always Be Connecting.

Bob Kennedy

Business Performance Advisor


P: (856) 904-3230

Andy Lindemuth

Ambassador Tip

When I’m working a room at a networking event, I always use the 3 foot rule. Whenever someone is within 3 feet of me, I am required to introduce myself and shake their hand.

Andrew Lindemuth

Associate Certified Entomologist,

Preventive Controls Qualified

Individual, Account Executive

Western Pest Services

P: 609-536-4078


Ambassador Tip

Personally and professionally, we are all part of group emails, texts, and chats and sometimes our replies are just intended for the primary sender. Please take the extra few moments to reply back to just that person and read your response just one more time before you hit send. The other recipients may not want multiple replies inundating their inbox and replies that are just meant for the sender can go out to "all" and could cause problems down the road. Even worse, they could be re-posted, re-tweeted on social media without any context or rebuttal. Once something is out there, it is out there! So next "reply"; think, respond, review and send it only to those who you want to read it.




James E. Martin

Vice President, Relationship Manager,

Business Banking,

Santander Bank, N.A.

P: (267) 675-4904

linda milano-2023

Ambassador Tip

Just say hello and be yourself.  Relationships are initiated one question at a time so be curious and seek opportunities to learn the stories of others.  If you come to an event with a group, sit at different tables so that you have the chance to meet new people each time.

Linda Milano


CFB Promotional Products LLC

P: (856) 513-6610

Rob Monaco

Ambassador Tip

If you’re naturally shy, having success in networking can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some strategies for overcoming introversion and making connections.

First, consider brainstorming icebreakers before a networking event.  Have a set couple of questions to ask.

Second, the chamber has a great group of Ambassadors.  We are here to help introduce you to others, but also can meet you at event.

Robert Monaco

South Jersey Business Director


P: (856) 745-9590

JTO2 Headshot 3

Ambassador Tip

Make quality connections. This means taking the time to get to know a couple of people well at each event and then building on those relationships over time. You develop a stronger network this way.

Joe Ohlweiler

President & CEO

The Alternative Board Southern New Jersey

P: (609) 682-4055


Chris Smith

Vice President / CTO

Micro Integration Services

P: (609) 367-5108

Ambassador Tip

Ambassador Tip

Approach each networking event with sincere curiosity about others, take the time to engage, actively listen to their stories, and offer assistance wherever possible. Make every networking opportunity a chance to foster meaningful relationships to create an atmosphere where every member feels valued. Together, let's embrace the spirit of collaboration and unity to build a thriving business ecosystem in Southern New Jersey.

Jeanetta Warren

P: (609) 367-5108

Interested in Becoming a CCSNJ Ambassador?

For more information, please contact:

Heather Sanderson

Director, Member Experience

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