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Ambassador Committee

CCSNJ's Ambassador Committee plays an important role in attracting and retaining Chamber members. Ambassadors supplement the Chamber staff's efforts in outreach to new members, to ensure that all members feel welcomed at Chamber events, and to educate members on how to maximize their memberships.


Ambassador Tip

"Building your network is very important. Every meeting you take shouldn't be about selling. Instead of always saying "this is what I offer", ask "how can I help you". The more you give and stay humble, the easier it is to ask."


Director of Business Development

Clearbridge Branding Agency

P: (856) 332-2705 | #WheresHarb


Ambassador Tip

People First
"Great networking is relationship building. It requires care, connection, and consistency. Each interaction is an opportunity to connect with and be of service to others and to build your personal and professional brand. Ask questions, be genuine, be willing to be human, and remember that each one of us was the new person in the room (virtual or otherwise) at one time! "

Co-Founder & CEO

VoIP Doctors

P: (215) 258-4670


Ambassador Tip

"This Chamber has been vital resource in providing information, and professional connections to each of their members. Everyone makes you feel welcomed from the first time you meet them. Please know we are all here to help one and other, however we can. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, or requests for introductions. I always welcome speaking to new professionals. I look forward to meeting you both virtually, and hopefully in person soon."

Sales/Customer Service Rep

Kaye Personnel, Inc.

P: (856) 489-1200 x1113


Ambassador Tip

"Don’t look for the short term sale, look for the long term partnership."

Major Account Executive

Docutrend Imaging Solutions

P: (609) 678-8859


Ambassador Tip

"Never walk into an event loud and acting like you own the place. Walk in quietly but confidently and know you own the place. It's great if people say about you, "Do you know such and such" but it's better when they say "You need to know such and such". This isn't a High School and this isn't a popularity contest this is the business world and if you're sincere it will be appreciated."

Business Development Manager

COIT Cleaning & Restoration Services

P: (856) 566-0700


Ambassador Tip

"Whether you are a new member, or a member who has joined the Chamber just as social distancing and Zoom became our new vocabulary and way of life, I encourage you to stay connected on our weekly calls and virtual meetings. Try new topics to expand your circle and never be afraid to reach out to someone you shared a meeting with, even if you just listened in. Also, remember to check the attendee list for new connections. Getting introduced to other members and growing your circle of influence during these challenging times is what the Chamber does best. We are connectors, and understand because we have all been a new member too."

Marketing Director

SERVPRO of Cherry Hill/Mt. Laurel

P: (856) 662-2772


Ambassador Tip

"Ask questions, take a genuine interest in others and ask how you can help them. The rest will follow. "


JMJB Merchant Solutions

P: (215) 837-3436


Ambassador Tip

I have been a member of this Chamber for 25 years. It is the single most important resource I have for developing new clients in my business. The way it can become that for your business is by taking the time to develop connections here. Go to as many events as you can. I typically attend at least 1 per week. Don’t try to pick what you think will be a good event. They are all potentially events where you might meet your next best client."

Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual - South Jersey

P: (609) 332-3952


Ambassador Tip


When serving in a business development role or attending a networking event, it is so easy to get distracted with your brain focused on the next comment or mind stuck on your "sales pitch" that you do not truly appreciate the new connection you are making. People typically enjoy talking about themselves and sharing their stories... the more you learn about them the more likely you are to build a relationship that can create opportunities down the road.


Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

P: (856) 866-3245


Business Performance Advisor


P: (856) 904-3230


Ambassador Tip

"Personally and professionally, we are all part of group emails, texts, and chats and sometimes our replies are just intended for the primary sender. Please take the extra few moments to reply back to just that person and read your response just one more time before you hit send. The other recipients may not want multiple replies inundating their inbox and replies that are just meant for the sender can go out to "all" and could cause problems down the road. Even worse, they could be re-posted, re-tweeted on social media without any context or rebuttal. Once something is out there, it is out there! So next "reply"; think, respond, review and send it only to those who you want to read it."

Vice President, Relationship Manager,

Business Banking,

Santander Bank, N.A.

P: (267) 675-4904


Ambassador Tip

Attend events, virtual or in person, with the intention to meet people and learn something interesting about them. If you feel nervous, take a deep breath and remember that others are probably feeling the same way. Look for an ambassador or a friendly CCSNJ staff member and we will be happy to introduce you to a few people.


CFB Promotional Products LLC

P: (856) 513-6610


Senior Director of Business Development

Kokua Technologies, Inc.

P: (856) 396-9240 ext. 173


Ambassador Tip

If you go into a room with the intent to sell everyone, you will not sell a single thing. Networking is all about creating relationships and how to better each other. The person you talk to may not need what you offer, but more often than not, they know someone who could be! Always talk to people with the intent on creating a relationship first and foremost, and business will follow.

Senior Account Executive, Premium Seating

Philadelphia Union

P: (610) 990-4355


Vice President / CTO

Micro Integration Services

P: (609) 367-5108


Ambassador Tip

“Be Approachable"
It all starts with a smile. A key factor to networking is to be welcoming. A warm smile signals that you're approachable, making it easier to start conversations."

Chief Executive Officer


P: (877) 932-0040 ext. 3118


Ambassador Tip

"The Chamber is a great tool for expanding your reach and building valuable relationships. But like any other tool, it’s how we use it that makes the difference. Be genuine and present when you approach others. Take more time learning about the needs of others rather than sharing yours. Relationships are far more valuable than “contacts” however, they take time and effort to build. Although we are members of the Chamber for the purpose of advancing our business, it is the personal connections that bring the greatest gratification and professional growth. "


Time To Flourish

P: (609) 534-0557


Ambassador Tip

“At most Chamber events, attendees have an opportunity to stand up and introduce themselves and their business to the group. Make sure you practice your 15 second commercial before the meeting so the group can get a good understanding of the services that you provide and the types of clients that you are looking for!"

Account Executive

Saratoga Benefit Services, LLC

P: (856) 630-8398


Ambassador Tip

"Networking is interacting with others to exchange information and expand contacts. Schedule time weekly to stretch outside your comfort zone and attend events. Be strategic when making new connections. Take the time to build genuine, trusted relationships. Spend your time nurturing and growing relationships over time. Once you make connections and help others, they will respond when you have a need. A strong network supports and advocates for you. To be successful, ask for help and assistance as you look to grow your business. New to networking? Look for a Chamber Ambassador with the blue badge at an upcoming event! We are here to help you."

Vice President, Store Manager

Republic Bank

P: (856) 983-0586

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