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Victory Anyiam

Owner, Victory Chiropractic & Performance

What is the mission of your business/organization?

At Victory Chiropractic & Performance our mission is simple. We strive to improve training, performance and reduce injuries through increasing range of motion, muscle strength and agility for physically active individuals that want to perform their best. We are committed to quality chiropractic care that focuses on the overall health of every patient, including functional rehabilitation exercises, patient education, ergonomics training, and nutritional guidance. We are further committed to the philosophy that every patient is different, so nobody gets treated the same.

What is the story behind your business’ success?

I ultimately chose to become a sports chiropractor where I get to help people who choose to take their healthcare into their own hands and get to a place of wellness spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally by giving them more mobility in their spine to be the complete whole person they are striving to become. Being a chiropractor fascinated me more knowing I would have the ability to change lives without the use of prescription medications and emphasis on patient education and empowerment to get to the root cause of whatever their issues were and teaching them how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Born and raised in Nigeria, my mom also lived a holistic style and would always whip up concoctions with herbal remedies whenever anybody was coming down with a cold or any type of sickness. So I was already raised in finding alternative means of treatment from a young age and wanted to continue in that path. I knew the chiropractic profession was truly the career path I was made to pursue after just my first year while in chiropractic school. My mom struggled with headaches for years all throughout my years in high school and college almost every other day. She tried everything from her typical herbal remedies to several prescription medications that she obtained from different physicians but could not find any long term relief from her daily headaches that she was dealing with and ultimately figured it was just part of getting old and would be something she was going to have to deal with for the rest of her life. That’s until I came back home one day from break and convinced my mom to let me adjust her neck after telling her what I learned about the wonders chiropractic adjustments can have on relieving people with headaches. I even asked her if any of the prior physicians she went to ever as much as examined her neck or recommended to see a chiropractor and to my surprise none of them did. After just one cervical adjustment to her neck my mom couldn’t believe that she had gone a whole week for the first time ever without any episodes of headaches. And up until this day she has never complained of headaches again outside of when she gets stressed. This was the proudest moment in my life. Now everyday in practice I get to enjoy utilizing my wide range of skillsets that I can use to help people suffering from daily headaches like my mom, to those who want to improve their training and performance to perform their best and just overall wants to be a winner in life.

Can you offer one piece of advice to other business owners?

Don't be afraid to do things outside of your comfort zone. Networking is key. It's important to be able to go out and meet people and get involved with events within the community you are trying to reach.

What products or services do you offer?

We utilize a variety of therapies ranging from chiropractic manipulations consisting of diversified technique, Active Release Technique (ART), Neuro Kinetic Therapy (NKT), sports rehabilitation, and acupuncture to provide you with the most impactful evidence-based and non-surgical care.

What distinguishes your business?

I specialize in helping patients find that "why" towards their condition and get to the root cause of their condition and provide them with the tools and knowledge to prevent it from coming back. I typically tell patients they should expect results seeing me in as little as 4-6 visits.

How do you define success in your organization?

Getting a patient pain free and improving their performance in their daily activities that they haven't been able to do before seeing me.

Why did you start your business? What drives you?

I believe that I was born to help people improve their quality of living with health and wellness. My passion is in living a healthy lifestyle naturally and showing others how they can do the same. I want to be able to help others to feel as athletic with their body as possible no matter what they’re doing with their day to day lives so becoming a sports chiropractor was the perfect vehicle in which I could accomplish that goal. And I love being able to provide a different style of chiropractic care that gets people better faster and without needing to rely on getting prescription medication.

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