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Liz Thomas

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas/Boyd Communications

What inspired you to join/start your business?

I started my first business at age 30 after my time serving in the Kean Administration came to a close. I couldn't think of what else to do with the knowledge and contacts I made while working in the Governor's press office and with the prodding and encouragement of another member of the Kean staff, we put a few dollars into a pot and said we'd give it a go. If after 6 months, if we weren't profitable, we'd head in another direction. The rest is history.

My business partner of 20+ years plays a huge role in the success of our business. Pam Boyd is the best.

What challenges have you faced as a woman entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

I have not faced any challenges relating to the fact that I am a woman entrepreneur. The challenges that face small business owners are the same and all have to do with the highs and lows of the economy, belt-tightening and expanding to meet demand and now how to figure out what life looks like as a virtual company in the midst of a pandemic.

What was your most satisfying moment in your career?

Using my skills to serve on the Samaritan Board, to serve as its board chair and to receive Samaritan's highest honor for my work (volunteer).

How do you define success?

Our success is measured by the success of our clients. Meeting and exceeding their public relations and marketing needs, resulting in favorable outcomes via increased visibility and/or financial gain.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Don't focus on the past, keep looking ahead.

What women inspire you and why?

My mom graduated college when I graduated high school. She went on to become a physical therapy assistant later in life and achieved her four year degree. She was forever learning and striving to be better. Both sets of my grandparents were immigrants who did all they could to provide for their families and in my dad's case, become the first of his family to attend college and later obtain a Master's degree.

My 27 year-old daughter who has the strongest constitution of anyone I know and a never-say-never attitude surrounding life and work. I can't wait for her to land her dream job in the NFL.

I also think back to Hazel Gluck and Carol Beske and earlier political trailblazers who cleared a path for many of us to follow in.

What advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs?

Create a plan, (even one written on the back of a napkin like I did) and give it a go. Determine your risk threshold. It takes time to build a client base, then it takes time to get paid and even more time to start making money. Know that going in. If the plan doesn't work, at least you can say you tried.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate. Loyal. Energenic.

Fill in the Blank:

  • When I face a challenge, I... dig in deeper.


  • The one thing I couldn’t live without is… proximity to the ocean.


  • By this time next year, I will be… thinking about a relaxing trip somewhere.


  • To get my creative juices flowing, I… listen to music, stay off the phone and email. 
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