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Cynthia Cotton

Director/CEO, Professional Human Resource Consultants

What is the mission of your business/organization?

Professional Human Resource Consultants provides HR services to local and county municipalities. Additionally, we also assist business and organizations by providing Talent Acquisitions, Onboarding, and general HR duties.

What is the story behind your business’ success?

My business success is due to my mentor from SCORE, Fred Weber; my networking opportunities that have been provided by  several organizations including: NAWBO- SJ, NJ African American Chamber of Commerce, and especially the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey. I also attribute my success to Mayor Beth Holtzman, Maria Mento, and Lisa Horn from the City of Ventnor for their encouragement and support to start my own HR consulting business.


My father also was a part time entrepreneur in the 1960s. He had his own TV repair business in addition to his full time job with the federal government.  My parents until their passing always loved and supported my dreams. I have two sons that provide encouragement and support. I also have the support of my life partner, Curt that daily encourages me and is my source of support and encouragement.


I also believe that it is important to listen to people that offer advice.

Can you offer one piece of advice to other business owners?

I would suggest to business owners to network, talk to your competitors, but most importantly to listen to your customers.

What products or services do you offer?

I provide professional human resource services.

What distinguishes your business?

My business is able to navigate the policies and procedures of the NJCSC. Additionally, my business is adept at finding qualified candidates to recommend to business. The new employees are provided onboarding services to help them to become a successful employee.

How do you define success in your organization?

I define sucess by the number of satisfied customers.

Why did you start your business? What drives you?

I started my business due to a need for local municipalities to adhere to the policies and procedures of the NJCSC . I expanded my business due to a need to match qualified candidates with businesses.

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