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Melitta Bentz

What inspired her start her business?

Melitta Bentz changed the world of coffee forever in 1908 when she punched holes in a brass pot, lined it with her son’s notebook paper, and created pour-over coffee. Her invention of two part filtration is the basis for all modern drip coffee.


Paving the way for today’s innovators, Melitta Bentz is known as a trailblazer of her time for both women inventors and entrepreneurs, and the world of coffee.


Melitta Bentz left a lasting legacy as more than 112 years after her original invention, the company she started produces the #1 branded coffee filter in the world and 300K cups of coffee are made every minute with Melitta products worldwide.


Melitta USA was established in 1963 and since 1964, coffee has been roasted in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at our coffee roastery. From its German roots, Melitta has expanded as a global brand but remains a true local partner in Cherry Hill, supporting many local organizations.

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