SJ Business Community's Voice in Trenton

The Chamber’s work in the public policy area is second to none. As the South Jersey business community’s voice in Trenton, we fight for initiatives that will improve the state's business climate and stop legislation that increases the cost of doing business. We put our clout to work for you, representing your concerns in Trenton. Over the years, we have built a solid, credible relationship with our legislators and the Governor and his Cabinet. Our management team has more than 50 years of combined experience that we put to work for you!

The CCSNJ excels at bringing forward our political leaders for direct interaction with small business leaders.

Peter Furey, New Jersey Farm Bureau

CCSNJ's Board Council Reports

The Chamber’s Board Council on Government Spending Reports are the product of the efforts and expertise of our Board level committee of industry experts. The focus was on efficiency, not on cutting or eliminating programs. Our Board Council has developed 100 recommendations, which conservatively could save State government, and therefore taxpayers, approximately $1 billion. The Chamber has worked closely with state government officials to implement the recommendations contained in these reports, share our ideas, recommendations and expertise.

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Who Represents You?

Do you know what your legislative district is or which legislators represent you? Use the links below to determine and contact your legislators.

The New Jersey Organization for a Better State (NEW JOBS) is a nonpartisan organization whose trustees promote a pro-business climate in New Jersey by endorsing and supporting legislative candidates who actively support economic growth, the creation of private-sector jobs, and the lowering of business costs. NEW JOBS is an independent political action committee.

NEW JOBS is an independent political action committee affiliated with members of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association and other regional business groups.

The South Jersey Reception, held each May, raises funds to support candidates who will work with the business community to lower the cost of doing business, enhance the state’s business climate and create jobs. Members are urged to attend this event where they can demonstrate the strength of the South Jersey business community and network with more than 200 business leaders and members of the South Jersey legislative delegation.

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