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Douglas Diaz


Archer & Greiner

Tell us about yourself and/or your business

I am a labor and employment attorney with Archer & Greiner where I help businesses attempt to navigate the increasing maze of labor and employment laws.

How do you and or your business celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

I try to educate myself more about Puerto Rican history, whether through books (yes books) or documentatries I can find online. I also search out restaurants where I can enjoy some mofongo, one of the best dishes, Puerto Rican or otherwise, on the planet.

How have you/can we continue to raise awareness of Hispanic Heritage?

Staying on the food theme, food is an easy means for raising awareness of the heritage and culture of different peoples so food festivals are a great idea, especially given the great food associated with Hispanic culture.

What is one thing you would like others to know about your Hispanic Heritage?

My father was born in Puerto Rico and pulled himself out of poverty through education and hard work. These are values I have witnessed in many people of Hispanic descent and values I have sought to exemplify in my life.

Name your favorite Hispanic business to support

Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, which provides services such as health care and workforce training to numerous people in South Jersey.
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