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Ihuoma Ivy Ottih APN-C/BC

APN, Medical House Call Associates

What is the mission of your business/organization?

To make significant difference in healthcare by making medical care an easily accessible service for all.

What is the story behind your business’ success?

We have been able to reach individuals that typically would not get medical care due to their disability and functional state. Medical care is now accessible more than ever!

Can you offer one piece of advice to other business owners?

Keep pushing. Focus on your goals and improve/build on it.

What products or services do you offer?

Provide medical care.

What distinguishes your business?

Excellence in healthcare. We reduce hospitalizations by managing complex chronic disease and co-morbidities.

How do you define success in your organization?

Patient satisfaction, decreased hospitalizations, and quality care.

Why did you start your business? What drives you?

This was initially started to bridge the gap in care disparities in the communities.

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