Paid Family Leave Expansion Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk

A bill that would greatly expand New Jersey’s current Paid Family Leave program, A-4927 (Prieto/Oliver/Gusciora) / S-3085 (Sweeney/Diegnan) passed the full Senate Monday by a vote of 22-15-3. Senator Jeff Van Drew of the First Legislative District and Senator Shirley Turner of the 15th Legislative District were the only two Democrats to vote “no” on this bill. 

In short, the legislative proposal that would expand paid family leave would do the following:

  • Double the amount of time that paid family leave could be taken from six to 12 weeks in a one-year period;
  • Increase the weekly benefit amount by 47% to a new maximum weekly benefit of $932;
  • Double the amount of intermittent leave from 42 days to 84 days in a one-year period;
  • Providing job protection for any employee of a business with 20 or more employees (current law provides job protection for employees of businesses with 50 or more employees);
  • Greatly expand the definition of family member for which an employee can take leave to include siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and parents-in-law;
  • Strengthen employee retaliation protections, making it more difficult for employers to defend themselves against unjustified claims.

A-4927 (Prieto/Oliver/Gusciora) / S-3085 (Sweeney/Diegnan) now heads to Governor Christie for action.

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Safe Transportation Jobs and Fair Employment Rules Act

A bill that would increase the minimum wage for certain subcontracted transportation center service workers,  S-3226 (Ruiz/Sweeney) passed the Senate by a vote 23-15. The CCSNJ opposed this legislation.

Known as the STAFER Act, this bill would require every subcontracted transportation center service worker at Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark Penn Station and the Hoboken Terminal be paid prevailing wage. The significant wage and benefit increase must be absorbed somewhere and, as a result, will undoubtedly lead to higher ticket prices for passengers, including business travelers.

This bill now awaits action by Governor Christie.

To read the CCSNJ's position on this bill, click here.

Prevailing Wage on Public Works Projects Advances

The CCSNJ also opposed S-1162 (Sweeney), which would impose prevailing wage on any public work done on a property that receives a tax abatement or tax exemption.  

Under S-1162 (Sweeney), all work on projects that receive funding under the Grow New Jersey Assistance Program must be paid prevailing wage rates and be subject to prevailing wage rules.  This includes maintenance, painting and decorating in addition to construction, repair and demolition. The CCSNJ argued that this bill will greatly increase the cost of projects, including ongoing repair and maintenance, making Grow NJ a much less attractive - and, therefore, a less effective – incentive tool for business attraction and retention. 

This bill passed the full Senate by a vote of 23-15.

The Assembly version of this bill, A-3435 (Singleton/Egan) passed the Assembly Labor Committee last year and awaits further action by the lower House. 

To read the CCSNJ’s position on this bill, click here.