Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Governor Murphy Delivers State of the State Address

Yesterday, Governor Phil Murphy delivered the State of the State Address, which detailed the Administration’s policy accomplishments from the first term, as well as outlined his major priorities for the year ahead.

The Governor began his speech with critical words about the state’s business tax incentive programs, citing the New Jersey Comptroller’s Office audit report. The reportwhich was released late last week, evaluated several different business incentives programs implemented by the NJEDA dating back to 2010. 

However, Governor Murphy made clear in his speech that he was not opposed to tax incentives stating, “Carefully crafted, properly enforced, and transparent tax incentives have a place in a successful economic program.” One incentive program the Governor advocated for is a new $500 million program, the Evergreen Innovation Fund, which aims to increase the amount of venture capital investment in the state. This measure would need legislative approval to be enacted.

The Governor used the address to push for two major legislative priorities: enactment of a $15 minimum wage and the legalization of adult recreational marijuana in New Jersey. 

On the minimum wage, he stated "a $15 an hour minimum wage will give more than one million families a stronger foothold in the middle class and allow those who aspire to enter the middle class the means to do so. The people this will help are the same people all of us rely on – maintenance workers, child-care workers and home health aides, security guards, and many more. Doing so will allow us to invest more in education, in infrastructure, and in other critical needs. A higher minimum wage strengthens all of New Jersey.” The CCSNJ continues to oppose this increase.

Governor Murphy also outlined what the Administration saw as its biggest accomplishments in 2018: the passage of a pay equity law, paid sick leave mandate on employers and tougher gun control laws, to name a few. The full list of “First Year Accomplishments” the Administration released before the start of the speech can be found here.


Senate President Sweeney Town Hall on
Path to Progress Recommendations

Yesterday, Senate President Steve Sweeney announced his first Path to Progress Town Hallwhich will take place on Thursday, January 246:30 p.m. at Rowan College Gloucester County.

Last year, the Senate President created the Economic and Fiscal Policy Workgroup, which was comprised of legislators and economic advisors to discuss the New Jersey’s pending fiscal crisis. The Workgroup issued numerous recommendations in the Path to Progress Report, which were broken into five subcategories. Each can be found in more detail below:

The Town Hall slated for January 24 is the public’s first chance to speak directly to the Senate President about the Path to Progress Report and its recommendations, as well as ask him any questions you may have about New Jersey’s fiscal problems.

The CCSNJ encourages all members to attend the Town Hall! To view additional details and register, click here.

To view the Path to Progress Report in its entirety, click here.