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Legislative Update

Updates and Clarifications to List of
Businesses Permitted to Operate
On March 30, Governor Phil Murphy and Superintendent of the State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan announced an Administrative Order amending which businesses are permitted to operate and clarifying the ways in which some businesses may operate in accordance with Executive Order No. 107.

The Administrative Order clarifies that:

  • Individual appointments to view real estate with realtors by individuals or families shall be considered essential retail business. Open houses are still considered impermissible gatherings.
  • Car dealers may continue to conduct online sales or remote sales that are consistent with current law. In the event of such a sale, the car may be delivered to the purchaser or the purchaser can pick up the car curbside or in the dealership service lane.
  • In accordance with the guidance released by the federal Department of Homeland Security, effective Tuesday, March 31, at 8:00 a.m., firearms retailers are permitted to operate – by appointment only and during limited hours – to conduct business which, under law, must be done in person. The NICS background check system will be up and running to process firearms purchases.
  • Golf courses are considered recreational and entertainment businesses that must close to the public and to members associated with private golf clubs.

To read the governor’s press release, click here.

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